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The Fun Wall
Post a message, be creative, write something fun!
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Post a Message on the Fun Wall (The Laph Wall)

By entering a short fun message in the form above, your message will appear on the wall of Laph.com on top of all previous posted messages. Your message will remain posted on top until someone else comes along and post another.

Guidelines in posting messages:

  • Please be responsible when posting messages to the wall!
  • HTML scripting will not be recognized.
  • Do not enter the personal information of yourself or others.
  • Please NO PROFANITY.
  • Be creative! Write something fun - nice quotes, funny jokes, cool proverbs, humorous stuff...
  • The length of your message should not exceed 200 characters.

Please remember that the wall is all about Fun!

Email us at: info at emox.com

The Fun Wall

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