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It's all about Fun! Check the Fun Wall regularly to read the funny quotes, funny jokes and fun stuff.

Look them in the eye, and speak from your heart. [Henry Winkler]  By JooJ - 9/14/2022 10:10

There are four things in this life that will change you: love, music, art and loss. The first three will keep you will and full of passion. May you allow the last two make you brave. [Erin Van Vuren]  By JooJ - 9/10/2022 12:38

A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn't. [Tom Waits]  By JooJ2 - 9/6/2022 07:22

The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage. [Thucydides]  By JooJ2 - 9/1/2022 09:50

No one is you, and that is your power.  By JooJ - 8/28/2022 08:21

He who does not desire power is fit to hold it. [Plato]  By JooJ - 8/23/2022 10:04

Money is absolutely an amplifier.  By JooJ - 8/22/2022 10:14

To move on, drop whatever is weighing you down.  By JooJ - 8/22/2022 10:13

To let go is to be free.  By JooJ - 8/22/2022 10:13

You can't be in the moment tomorrow.  By JooJ - 8/22/2022 10:12

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