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It's all about Fun! Check the Fun Wall regularly to read the funny quotes, funny jokes and fun stuff.

Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution....  6/21/2021 21:18

why do you pull me close? and then, ask me for space  By pinok - 6/21/2021 08:39

A man is not much if he can't depend on himself, and nothing if others can't depend on him. [John Banville]  By Raja - 6/21/2021 04:28

There are times when you have to zoom in.  By JooJ2 - 6/17/2021 10:25

Without work, talent is lost. [Judit Polgar]  6/14/2021 00:34

Creativity is the key to human liberation. [Grace Lee Boggs]  By JooJ - 6/10/2021 07:05

I can remember swearing when I was young that I would not change, because if I changed, I would betray the revolution. And as I've grown older, I've understood that I should change... and changing is really more honorable than not changing. [Grace Lee Boggs]  By JooJ - 6/10/2021 07:03

History is a story not only of the past, but of the future. [Grace Lee Boggs]  By JooJ - 6/10/2021 07:02

People talk about the light bulb going on? I think that the light bulb goes on very often in conversations that people have, and we don...t pay attention to it because it...s so much a part of life. [Grace Lee Boggs]  By JooJ - 6/10/2021 07:02

You begin with a protest, but you have to move on from there. Just being angry, just being resentful, just being outraged does not constitute revolution. [Grace Lee Boggs]  By JooJ2 - 6/10/2021 07:00

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